APIS is a Society of Friends: we do not charge a membership fee. Members of the general public are welcome to attend our talks and social events, and may attend our investigations as Guests if sponsored by an existing Friend.

Guests may become APIS Friends by completing our Basic Investigator Training course, which covers important safety matters and our investigative methods. We ask this in order to ensure that all APIS Friends know how to keep themselves and Guests safe on investigations, and that our investigations are conducted consistently.

APIS Friends benefit from discounted event fees, meaning that the cost of the basic training is quickly recovered.

The price that we charge to Friends and Guests for investigations varies according to the price that we are charged by the venues that we investigate. Prices are clearly publicised prior to events - we have no hidden costs.

We also offer an Advanced Investigator Training course for Friends wishing to develop their investigative skills further or to become Team Leaders. Both our Basic and Advanced courses are based on the extensive knowledge and many years' experience of our most senior investigators.

If you would like any more information about becoming an APIS Friend, please email us: